Den första biodomen gjord av blommpinnar

Patrick Norlin – founder of Biodome®

The circular structure of a Biodome greenhouse in a winter landscape in Canada so fascinated Patrick Norlin that he began to study to learn more about its design and how it was put together. Its unity, symmetry and natural balance was captivating, inspiring the belief that it would be something everlasting.

Here is a space where I can feel free!”

In order to build the first mock-up I needed to improve my knowledge of maths, including Pythagoras’ theorem, sacred geometry and the golden mean.

Then I built a skeleton that consisted of 105 triangles made of wooden rods fitted together with plasticine. The entire mock-up was 50 cms in diameter.

Patrik Norlin Grundare Biodome Sverige

The Biodome’s geodetic structure embodies the beauty of nature. It can be used for many different purposes. There are a number of advantages compared to other square constructions when it is used as a patio or a greenhouse:  perfect exposure to sunlight throughout the day, that is at an angle of 90 degrees, energy savings of at least 30 percent and a highly robust structure that will withstand heavy snow and hard winters.

Air circulation is of vital importance in a greenhouse and in this application the biodome gives constantly agreeable conditions. It accumulates heat very easily and among the favourable effects of it being built with the proper materials for storing heat is the adjustment of temperature throughout the day and night resulting in a more even average temperature.

Today many models of the Biodome have been delivered and set up in Sweden, from north to south, to be used as patios, art-galleries, greenhouses, saunas and cafés.