Welcome to Biodome

Biodome – universal art of construction in harmony with nature’s own geometry gives you limitless possibilities to create your own oasis

Used as a patio Biodome is the place where you find peace and calm : magical meals or moonlight yoga-we provide it.

Used as a greenhouse Biodome is totally unique. Sunlight shining in all day at 90 degrees without any dead angles means that air circulates in a constant stream and is self-insulating.

We will build your unique patio or greenhouse combining woodland and sunshine with glorious vibrations!!


Biodome Spira i trädgård Biodome Andrum höstbild Biodome runt växthus i skymningsljus Biodome Annorlunda kupolformad bastu Biodome Andrum i vinterljus Biodome knutpunkt i skymmningsljus Kupolformad bastu med fin röd dörr Biodome Spira växthus Biodome svart sauna med fonster Biodome med svart solskydd Biodome under uppbyggnad Annorlunda biodome-café Biodome Höga kusten