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The shape of a Biodome is geodetic - it has unique characteristics inspired by mother nature and mother earth. The special design of the structure allows the sun’s rays to enter all day at an angle of 90 degrees.
The idea behind the building is to go back to the conditions of nature’s original creation. The geometrical structure is felt by many to be restful and fascinating.

Stable constructionn
The geodetic design is the strongest building construction known today and will resist strong winds and snow. We use organically treated wooden spars of high quality in order to ensure that the environment in these circular spaces should be as natural as possible.


Energy-saving construction. The circular shape allows sunlight to enter more evenly over the entire day. The wall area is about 30 percent smaller than that of traditional constructions, resulting in reduced heat loss.

Covering material
As a rule our models are covered with hardened glass which is about 5 times as hard as ordinary glass, sustains temperature changes better and has a higher torsional stiffness than other kinds of glass. This is also called safety glass and is often a requirement in the Swedish Housing Board’s building standards. If you have special requirements please request a quotation..


Optional specifications:

Alternative wood quality (pine, spruce, oak, larch etc.)

Air-conditioning unit (automatic temperature regulation)

Duct heaters (warm air fan with accessories, air hoses etc.)

Polycarbonate plastic 10mm  - 40mm

Standard models:

Diameter 4.5 m, height 2.7 m, 15 m2 floor area.

Diameter 6.0 m, height 3.6 m, 25 m2 floor area.

Diameter 7.5 m, height 4.5 m, 41 m2 floor area.

Please contact us for further information and prices.

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Patio: Biodome ® Breathing Space
Wooden spars of northern slow-growing pine, cut to exact dimensions and turned at the ends, treated with organowood, an organic flame- and rot-resistant wood preservative containing water repellent lotus extract.

Joints of pine plywood

Wooden plugs of pine

Hardened glass, 4 mm

Silicon (environmentally classified)

Doors: wood and glass

Skylight, opening automatically



Greenhouse: Biodome ® Spira

Spira is constructed in the same way as Breathing Space but, instead of glass, polycarbonate plastic is used as well as cover strips with a rubber profile which inhibit thermal bridges.

Biodome cooperate with Vikingdome in Lithuania and are also their sales representative in Sweden.  When bigger constructions we consider using their steel frame (T-star) instead of wooden spars.