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Café-gallery at Ängelsberg

Biodome som cafegalleri en närmare syn invändigt

From a mutual friend I heard about Patrick and his Biodome idea and I became his first customer. My biodome is in Ängelsberg in Västmanland County (in the middle of Sweden) and this beautiful structure is a landmark in our region. As it is so different from anything else that it is an eyecatcher for visitors and it is easy to describe how to find the way here – drive ahead until you see the thing at the roadside that resembles an igloo!

I have a café -gallery at Våla (between the towns of  Västerås and Borlänge) and have been using the biodome for seating guests outdoors with three tables and 12 chairs.

Going into the biodome gives people a feeling of exhilaration and they feel that the triangles generate some kind of positive energy that is beneficial for body and soul.

If you want to know more about the Biodome please get in touch. My mobile phone no. is 0701 700 463

Thor Gjörvad