Café-gallery at Ängelsberg


From a mutual friend I heard about Patrick and his Biodome idea and I became his first customer. My biodome is in Ängelsberg in Västmanland County (in the middle of Sweden) and this beautiful structure is a landmark in our region. As it is so different from anything else that it is an eyecatcher for…

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Greenhouse Spira at Varberg

I found the biodome after many hours of searching on the net for a greenhouse. Today I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and chili there and I even have winter lettuce. The large amount of space in the greenhouse meant that I had a tomato plant last season that grew to a height of fully 9…

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Silkdome at the High Coast


After meeting Patrick I learned about the Biodome. The place where it stands today was originally intended for a Chinese pavilion but that didn’t happen. Instead, Patrick built up the Biodome wooden frame without glass which is what we wanted. But gradually we realised that it is practical to have it enclosed in glass instead. As…

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