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Sauna with many angles

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Café-gallery at Ängelsberg


From a mutual friend I heard about Patrick and his Biodome idea and I became his first customer. My biodome is in Ängelsberg in Västmanland County (in the middle of Sweden) and this beautiful structure is a landmark in our region. As it is so different from anything else that it is an eyecatcher for…

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Greenhouse Spira at Varberg

I found the biodome after many hours of searching on the net for a greenhouse. Today I grow tomatoes, cucumbers, strawberries and chili there and I even have winter lettuce. The large amount of space in the greenhouse meant that I had a tomato plant last season that grew to a height of fully 9…

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Chakragarden at Kungsäter

Lecablock wall under construction. On completion a wooden Biodome frame will be placed on top. The diameter is 7.5 m. Cooperation with a rainbow that will show where our Biodome should stand. Final result on its way!

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