Biodome vacker uterum med cafebord

After meeting Patrick I learned about the Biodome. The place where it stands today was originally intended for a Chinese pavilion but that didn’t happen. Instead, Patrick built up the Biodome wooden frame without glass which is what we wanted. But gradually we realised that it is practical to have it enclosed in glass instead.

As a textile artist I receive many visitors that come to view my different exhibitions. I purchased a church here in the Härnösand area and we have placed the Biodome next to it. As it is 41 m2 in area I can have different exhibitions inside it and still use it at the same time as a greenhouse.

You get a special feeling when you sit inside the Biodome. It has a great effect on you- you feel good and get into a meditative mood. Many people who come in exclaim “ wow, so  that what it feels like!!”. They feel something special but can’t quite decide what it is. I have groups of musicians play inside and the sound is very special when it circulates inside the Biodome.

I am very happy with the results. It has turned out to be a much greater experience than I had imagined originally. Just imagine sitting inside with candlelight glowing in all the triangles. It is fantastic.

Ingrid Edberg-Norlin